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Our mission is to offer our children with comprehensive, compassionate, and high-quality health care.

As a pediatrician, I am dedicated to promoting and preserving the physical and mental well-being of all kids, from infancy through young adulthood. I cherish the responsibility of being your child’s doctor, and I believe that knowledge, compassion, and accessibility are crucial parts of our continuing efforts to better meet and serve our patient and parents needs.


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Emergency Care

Time is critical in emergencies. Acting quickly and efficiently can significantly improve the chances of a positive outcome.

Operation & Surgery

Operations and surgeries are conducted when medical conditions cannot be effectively treated through non-invasive methods.

Outdoor Checkup

Before embarking on any outdoor activity, ensure you are adequately prepared with appropriate gear, clothing, and knowledge of the environment.

Ambulance Service

Ambulance services are designed for rapid response to medical emergencies, providing timely transportation to medical facilities.

Medicine & Pharmacy

Medicine and pharmacy aim to provide patient-centered care by ensuring that medications are tailored to individual needs and conditions.

Blood Testing

Blood tests are diagnostic tools used to assess various aspects of health, including organ function, nutrient levels, and the presence of diseases.


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Safeguarding the health and well-being of my family is paramount, and I am taking proactive steps to ensure comprehensive care for each member. Recognizing the importance of preventive measures, I am in the process of scheduling regular checkups for every family member. This includes medical assessments, dental and vision checkups, and well-child visits for the younger members of the household.

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Dr. Harit Bansal

►M.B.B.S. from Maharashtra University Of Health Science, Nasik

►MD (Paediatrics) from Bharti Vidyapeeth University, Pune

► Consultant Pediatrician at Bansal Nursing Home,Sonipat

►Director & Consultant Pediatrician at Bansal Health Square & IVF Center & Bansal IVF

► Worked at Maharaja Aggersen hospital

●Pediatrician at Max Hospital.

●Pediatrican at Gangaram hospital New Delhi


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